“At Element Land Surveys Inc., we are committed to delivering quality land survey services. We use the latest technology and surveying methods to serve our customers – all  at a competitive price. Because we focus on quality in our technology, we thought we had a secure network, and the right amount of virus protection. Unfortunately, we still became a victim to ransomware. Thankfully Alejandro was able to remove the virus and re-connect our systems before our staff were even aware of what happened. 

In all of our busy lives, it is very refreshing to have a team that you can trust, identify the problem, give you the solution that you need (most often utilizing the applications that you already have) and then quietly and confidently fix the problem. This is what Integree-T Security Solutions did – and continues to do for us.”

James Durant,
President  | Element Land Surveys Inc.

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“We are a technology friendly team at Beakerhead, use all kinds of shared cloud-based services and have the IT basics in place. So it was a very valuable eye opener to see how we were in fact exposed to risk. It was more valuable than I expected to work with Integree-T as they have helped to change some little everyday practices that can make a huge difference. They understood our not-profit situation and we truly trusted both their assessment and suggestions. Every not-for-profit would benefit from their work.”

Mary Anne Moser,
President and Co-founder | Beakerhead



“Carol and Alejandro (Alex) understand IT Security for business or non-profits and their recommendations do not require years of IT knowledge to implement. They helped us understand the steps we could take to implement a secure IT setup ensuring a higher level of data security/privacy.”

Andrea McManus,
Partner | ViTreo Group



“The team at Integree-T provided our office with invaluable IT Security coaching, which gave us the tools to plan and improve how we approach our own IT Security and user functionality.  As a small Not-for Profit with international presence, keeping up-to-date on best practices is challenging. Carol and her team –  having years of Not-for Profit experience –  were extremely knowledgeable and understanding about issues related to our financial constraints and capacity issues, which was appropriated reflected in their coaching style and reports. We are truly grateful for the support that Integree-T provided our team. They have granted us the needed tools to plan a more secure way forward from an IT point of view! Thank you!”

Ashley Tedham 
Executive Director | The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Canada
Alberta, Northwest Territories, Nunavut Division

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